Feb 15, 2016

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Feb 2, 2016

The Wound - Anna Budanova (RU, 2013)

Director,art-director Anna Budanova
Animation Anna Budanova,Mikhail Dvoryankin,
Anna Krizkaia

Dec 8, 2015

Baychimo Kin: Marina - Vaiana Gauthier (FR, 2013)

Directed by Vaiana Gauthier
Animation, Concepts, Compositing: Vaiana Gauthier & Pierre Zenzius
Music by Baychimo Kin

Baychimo Kin are based in Melbourne and formed around singer-songwriter Conrad Williams.
Marina is their first single off their upcoming debut album "Understood".
Produced and Mixed by Yen Nguyen at 10 Kinds of Handsome
Engineered by Juan Martinez Bo and Yen Nguyen at SAE Studios, Melbourne and at 10 Kinds of Handsome

Handmade in New Zealand
Thanks to Marion Courtillé and Chad Heays

Aug 12, 2015

J. Balance - Oleg Morozow, Arkady Kravchouk (IL, 2015)

An experimental animation project inspired by a poem.
This is a personal technique combining 3d animation and an old printer.

Music: Batwings (A Limnal Hymn) - Coil
R.I.P John Balance

Jun 24, 2015

Coda - Alan Holly (IE, 2013)

A lost soul stumbles drunken through the city. In a park, Death finds him and shows him many things.

Director: Alan Holly
Producer: Ciaran Deeney
Writers: Alan Holly and Rory Byrne
Art direction & backgrounds: Ronan McMeel
Music: Shane Holly
Animation: Alan Holly, Rory Byrne and Eoghan Dalton

Julien Mier & Magical Mistakes: Divide, Multiply - Keita Onishi (JP, 2015)

Official music video for Julien Mier & Magical Mistakes’ ­” Divide, Multiply”

directed by Keita Onishi

Music: Julien Mier and Magical Mistakes

Apr 29, 2015

Megalizer II - Vic Chhun & Mohamed Fadera (FR, 2015)

Music by: edIT - if you crump stand up

Animated by: Vic CHHUN, William LABORIE, David MAINGAULT, Leyla KADDOURA, Faouzi HAMMADI, Anne-Lou ERAMBERT, Raphaël CHABASSOL, Abdel Raouf ZAIDI, Yvon JARDEL, Thierno BAH, Viviane KARPP, Jeremy PIRES, Delphine DUSSOUBS, Jonathan Djob NKONDO, Mehdi TEBBAKH, Mohamed FADERA

Organised by: Vic CHHUN & Mohamed FADERA
Compositing by Vic CHHUN & Pierre MORIN

Mar 22, 2015

Play - Alex Grigg (AU, 2012)

twitter.com/joyybox | alexxgrigg.tumblr.com/

I took a couple of nights out one week to make an entry for loop de loop- June 2012- PLAY. Hide and seek between different dimensions would be fun I think.

Score by Kirsty Tickle littlescoutmusic.com/ , Mixed by Jonathan Boulet jonathanboulet.com/

Mar 3, 2015

Samsung One pen, infinite possibilities - Valée Duhamel (CA, 2015)

One lucky character sees his day transformed when his Samsung pen is transformed into a series of tools carrying him to a playful dreamland. The film invites you to take a magical turn in your daily life while illustrating the various features of the Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen .

Client : Samsung
Agency : Heaven
Directors & Visual Concept : Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel
Art Director : Carolyne De Bellefeuille
Music : XS Music

A Very Short Film - Valée Duhamel (CA, 2015)

A Very Short Film is a film by Vallée Duhamel that follows the journey of a girl in a yellow dress as she enters a strange world.


Jan 10, 2015

Way Out - Yukai Du (CN, 2015)

‘Way out’, my MA graduation film, is inspired by ‘Alone Together’ by Sherry Turkle and a reflection of modern life in this digital age. The exaggerated contrast between emotionless citizens and characterized phones reveals our over-­‐dependence on virtual communication. A dramatic and extreme consequence shows a negative attitude, for which no one can escape the trend of technology that originally comes from the endless appetence of human beings.

Dec 3, 2014

Rêves de brume / The mist ist coming - Sophie Racine (BE, 2013)

A man leaves the urban chaos for the silence of a mountain. He reaches a hut, only to find fog has enveloped the mountain, leaving nothing but white surroundings. He stops.

graduated film at ENSAV la Cambre
Réalisation et animation : Sophie Racine
Musique : Thibault Seillier
Montage : Juliette Penant
Son et mixage: Anton Vodenitcharov

Nov 28, 2014

Nov 24, 2014

Belly - Julia Pott (UK, 2011)

I can feel you in my Belly

A film by: Julia Pott
Production: Royal College of Art
Sound Design: Joseph Tate
Animation Assistance: Robin Bushell, Eammon O’Neill, Ben Cady, Stephen Middleton, Theo Nunn
Voices: Olivia Gurney Randall, Cornelius Clarke, Joseph Tate, Robert Blythe, Laurence Weedy

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