Dec 3, 2014

Rêves de brume / The mist ist coming - Sophie Racine (BE, 2013)

A man leaves the urban chaos for the silence of a mountain. He reaches a hut, only to find fog has enveloped the mountain, leaving nothing but white surroundings. He stops.

graduated film at ENSAV la Cambre
Réalisation et animation : Sophie Racine
Musique : Thibault Seillier
Montage : Juliette Penant
Son et mixage: Anton Vodenitcharov

Nov 28, 2014

Nov 24, 2014

Belly - Julia Pott (UK, 2011)

I can feel you in my Belly

A film by: Julia Pott
Production: Royal College of Art
Sound Design: Joseph Tate
Animation Assistance: Robin Bushell, Eammon O’Neill, Ben Cady, Stephen Middleton, Theo Nunn
Voices: Olivia Gurney Randall, Cornelius Clarke, Joseph Tate, Robert Blythe, Laurence Weedy

Sainsbury's The Mighty Nursery - Julia Pott (US, 2013)

Oreo Wonderfilled - Julia Pott (CA, 2014)

Director: Julia Pott
Production Company: Hornet
Producer: Marty Geren
Editor: Lilka Hara and Anita Chao
Compositer: Peter Fink
Animators: Jake Armstrong, Harry Teitelman, Jacob Kafka
Agency: Draft FCB, Toronto

Oct 28, 2014

Le Retour - Natalia Chernysheva (FR, 2013)

Quand on grandit on decouvre que les endroits et les objets qu'on connaissait avant sont beaucoup plus petit que dans notre souvenir.

Oct 8, 2014

Fragile - Olivia Grbac (AU, 2013)

A set of nude vignettes that explore connection and various emotions through body language and symbolism.

Written, Directed and Animated by Olivia Grbac
Sound by Markus Kellow and Olivia Grbac
Created at RMIT University, 2013

Sep 1, 2014

When one stops - Jenni Rahkonen (FI, 2012)

The world won't stop turning even when one stops turning with it.

by: Jenni Rahkonen
music & special sound effects : Jukra
production: Turku Arts Academy 2012

Excuse the English title.
Thanks !

Jun 10, 2014

Bonobo: Cirrus - Cyriak (UK, 2013)


The Japanese Popstars: Let Go - David Wilson (UK, 2010)

Directed by David Wilson
Produced by Serena Noorani and Tamsin Glasson at Colonel Blimp
Commissioned by Nicola Brown for Virgin/EMI
Primary Illustrator - Keaton Henson
Secondary Illustrators - David Wilson and Andres Guzman
Drawn Animation - Malcolm Draper, Matt Lloyd, Ed Suckling, Toby Jackman, Elena Pomares, David Wilson, Jamie Page
Flash Animation - Michael Zauner, John Malcolm Moore, Ed Suckling, Toby Jackman, Elena Pomares, Andrew Clarke
After Effects Compositing and Effects - Andy Montague via The Mill
Colouring - Christopher Wright, Sally Hancox, Zoe Hough, Alex Simpson, Josh Stocker

Liars: The exact color of doubt - Markus Wambsganss (UK, 2011)

Liars - The Exact Color Of Doubt, directed by Markus Wambsganss
Taken from Liars' sixth studio album, WIXIW (pronounced "wish you"), out now.


Sally Seltmann: Catch of the Day - Isobel Knowles (AU, 2014)

Paramore: Anklebiters - Jordan Bruner (US, 2013)

Directed by Jordan Bruner
Animated by Jordan Bruner, Greg Lytle and Blake Patrick

House Shoes feat. Danny Brown: Sweet - Ruffmercy (US, 2012)

Directed, Edited & Fucked with by Ruffmercy
Animation by Ruffmercy & Ewen Farr
with additional animation by Jonatan Jönsson


Benga: I will never change - Us (UK, 2013)


Directors - Us
Producer - Liz Kessler
Animation - Alice Dupre
Production Company - A+
Commissioner - Dan Millar

Wanderland - Kristof Luyckx (UK,2013)

Music video for "Wanderland" by Hermanos Inglesos feat. MeMe. Directed by Kristof Luyckx & Michèle Vanparys.

Design: Kristof Luyckx & Michèle Vanparys
Art Direction: Kristof Luyckx
Editing: Stijn Deconinck & Kristof Luyckx
Animation: Michèle Vanparys, Michélé De Feudis, Dries Bastiaensen & Kristof Luyckx.


Somewhere - Nicolas Ménard (UK, 2014)

Somewhere, our limbs lost in the distance.
First year film made at the Royal College of Art.

Direction and Animation: Nicolas Ménard
Music and Sound Design: Rich Vreeland
Additional Animation: Anne-Louise Erambert, Louise Druelle, Oliver Hamilton, James Hatley


© Royal College of Art, 2013

Luke and Lotta - Renata Gasiorowska (PL, 2012)

Symphonie No. 42 - Réka Bucsi (HU, 2013)

A small appetizer before my graduation film, 'Symphony no. 42'

Vie et mort de l’illustre Grigori Efimovitch Raspoutine - Céline Devaux (FR, 2012)

Futon - Yoriko Mizushiri (JP, 2012)

Jun 5, 2014

Floats - Idan Barzilay, Mor Israeli (IL, 2013)

Idan Barzilay and Mor Israeli's graduation film from Bezalel Academy of art & design.

'Floats' describes a state in which the entire existence turns into anticipation. A cynical look at figures which are moving in a repetitive manner as a sort of pendulum which reflects the passing of time, however they are not advancing anywhere.

Original music composed by Gil Landau


May 19, 2014

Un air de Césaire, Mot Macumba - Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet (FR, 2014)

Épisode de la série "Un air de Césaire", diffusée sur France Ô. Le poème est "Mot Macumba", écrit par Aimé Césaire.

Voix: Jacques Martial
Production: La Maison Garage
Réalisation, animation, son: Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet

Parade - Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet (FR, 2009)

A film about shapes, colours, invisibility and imagination

réalisation : Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet
scénario : Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet
avec l’aide de Joris Clerté
animation : Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet et Jean-Yves Castillon
Musique composée par Mathieu Balanant dans le cadre du cours de musique à l’image dirigé par Marie-Jeanne Serero au Conservatoire national supérieur de Paris.
studio son : Tabaskko
mixage musique : Christophe Grémiot
mixage film : Bruno Guéraçague
dialogues et musique : Tantely Zafimehy
production musique : Jean-François Coen
voix : Sharon Mann et Henry Samuel

suivi de projet – ENSAD : Georges Sifianos et Serge Verny
productrice – doncvoilà : Virginie Giachino
assistante de production : Chloé Machenaud

Mar 23, 2014

On the Shore - Frederic Siegel, Fleur Matson (CH, 2013)

A short experimental movie inspired by Haruki Murakami's Book " Kafka on the shore".

Movie by: Fleur Matson & Frederic Siegel
Music by: Oyster & Planet

Oyster & Planet

Feb 10, 2014

Grüezi - Jonas Räber (CH, 1995)

Meet this typical swiss racist and see what happens...
Twenty years after its production, this film unfortunately is still up-to-date.


Feb 4, 2014

Is the man who is tall happy? (Teaser) - Michel Gondry (USA, 2013)

Spend an afternoon with Michel Gondry in his Brooklyn home as he discusses his latest project, "Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?" and the animation techniques he used to bring his conversations with Noam Chomsky to life.

Watch the trailer and get showtimes here

Jan 25, 2014

Rewind - Pauline Saglio (CH, 2013)

Rewind is a digital clock collection designed to revive a physical link with the reading of the time that has become pervasive and unconscious since the digital revolution. While the movements relative to the reading of time are now gone, each clock offers a unique way to rewind its mechanism. When nowadays the gesture of interaction is minimized to touch, they propose to give it a more physical dimension by playing with recharge or energy release and either to rewind the clock to display the time, or to go back in time with the nostalgia evoked by the type of interaction. Their codes, drawing on childhood memories, transform what was once seen as a task into a fun activity.

Tutors: Alain Bellet, Gael Hugo, Christophe Guignard
ECAL / University of Art and Design, Lausanne Switzerland
Bachelor Media & Interaction Design
Music : "Mineral Ages" by Spuntic

Stage Fright - Elina Minn (FI, 2008)

A film by Elina Minn
Drawn animation, 1'47 min, 2008

A visual play on a face.

Sound and Music by Yrjö Saarinen
Produced by Eija Saarinen
Turku Arts Academy 2008

Jan 13, 2014

Visuals BBBlaster - Loup Druelle (FR, 2013)

Animations extracted from the VJing set I'm working on.
Animations extraites du set sur lequel je travaille.

Santoni, the Cycle - Federico Galvani (IT, 2010)

Concept & Creative Director: Felice Limosani www.felicelimosani.com
Director: Federico Galvani @ www.happycentro.it
Illustration and Props Design: Andrea Manzati, Carlotta Perbellini, Andrea Donà
Animation: Federico Padovani, Federico Galvani, Andrea Manzati
Set Design: Federico Padovani, Giulio Grigollo, Roberto Solieri, Carlotta Perbellini, Andrea Donà
Director of photography: www.fedebarebone.com
Video Compositing: Massimiliano Mazzi @ www.darkside.it
Production: Felice Limosani Studio
Music: "Akro Bat" www.micahdahl.com

We Cut Corners "Pirate's Life" - Kijek/Adamski (PL, 2011)

As simple as it looks.
The whole video is hand drawn frame by frame - markers on paper.

And don't miss impressive making of the video:


Vom Verschwinden - Merlin Flügel (DE, 2011)

Eine hypnotische Bootsfahrt ohne Fahrtwind.
A hypnotic voyage without any wind.

DRUMS / Tube Tune - Simon Panrucker (UK, 2012)


Jan 9, 2014

Lose this child (Eatliz) - Yuval & Merav Nathan (IL, 2011)

Sometimes a beach isn't just a beach. As the sun goes down over the ocean, the sand comes to life and takes on the forms of an entire mini eco-system of aquatic life. Sea turtles are born, eels emerge to pursue their prey and Mother Earth orchestrates it all.

Directors: Yuval & Merav Nathan
Animators: Yuval Nathan, Guy Ben Shetrit, Moshe Zilbernagel, Talia Tzur
Grip and Rig: Rafi Nathan
Script: Yuval and Merav Nathan, Nadav Ben Simon, Guy Ben shetrit


Jan 7, 2014

And then we were jumping - Jordan Bruner (USA, 2013)

An animated film based on a poem written by Eve Ensler. Read the poem here: onebillionrising.org

ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE is about envisioning justice for all survivors of gender violence. Justice can take many forms. This film is Eve and Jordan's vision of justice.

Jan 4, 2014

Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop - Caleb Wood (JP/USA, 2013)

A mind in the city looks inward, and escapes into the rabbit's domain.

This work was created with support from “Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo

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