Jun 10, 2014

Bonobo: Cirrus - Cyriak (UK, 2013)


The Japanese Popstars: Let Go - David Wilson (UK, 2010)

Directed by David Wilson
Produced by Serena Noorani and Tamsin Glasson at Colonel Blimp
Commissioned by Nicola Brown for Virgin/EMI
Primary Illustrator - Keaton Henson
Secondary Illustrators - David Wilson and Andres Guzman
Drawn Animation - Malcolm Draper, Matt Lloyd, Ed Suckling, Toby Jackman, Elena Pomares, David Wilson, Jamie Page
Flash Animation - Michael Zauner, John Malcolm Moore, Ed Suckling, Toby Jackman, Elena Pomares, Andrew Clarke
After Effects Compositing and Effects - Andy Montague via The Mill
Colouring - Christopher Wright, Sally Hancox, Zoe Hough, Alex Simpson, Josh Stocker

Liars: The exact color of doubt - Markus Wambsganss (UK, 2011)

Liars - The Exact Color Of Doubt, directed by Markus Wambsganss
Taken from Liars' sixth studio album, WIXIW (pronounced "wish you"), out now.


Sally Seltmann: Catch of the Day - Isobel Knowles (AU, 2014)

Paramore: Anklebiters - Jordan Bruner (US, 2013)

Directed by Jordan Bruner
Animated by Jordan Bruner, Greg Lytle and Blake Patrick

House Shoes feat. Danny Brown: Sweet - Ruffmercy (US, 2012)

Directed, Edited & Fucked with by Ruffmercy
Animation by Ruffmercy & Ewen Farr
with additional animation by Jonatan Jönsson


Benga: I will never change - Us (UK, 2013)


Directors - Us
Producer - Liz Kessler
Animation - Alice Dupre
Production Company - A+
Commissioner - Dan Millar

Wanderland - Kristof Luyckx (UK,2013)

Music video for "Wanderland" by Hermanos Inglesos feat. MeMe. Directed by Kristof Luyckx & Michèle Vanparys.

Design: Kristof Luyckx & Michèle Vanparys
Art Direction: Kristof Luyckx
Editing: Stijn Deconinck & Kristof Luyckx
Animation: Michèle Vanparys, Michélé De Feudis, Dries Bastiaensen & Kristof Luyckx.


Somewhere - Nicolas Ménard (UK, 2014)

Somewhere, our limbs lost in the distance.
First year film made at the Royal College of Art.

Direction and Animation: Nicolas Ménard
Music and Sound Design: Rich Vreeland
Additional Animation: Anne-Louise Erambert, Louise Druelle, Oliver Hamilton, James Hatley


© Royal College of Art, 2013

Luke and Lotta - Renata Gasiorowska (PL, 2012)

Symphonie No. 42 - Réka Bucsi (HU, 2013)

A small appetizer before my graduation film, 'Symphony no. 42'

Vie et mort de l’illustre Grigori Efimovitch Raspoutine - Céline Devaux (FR, 2012)

Futon - Yoriko Mizushiri (JP, 2012)

Jun 5, 2014

Floats - Idan Barzilay, Mor Israeli (IL, 2013)

Idan Barzilay and Mor Israeli's graduation film from Bezalel Academy of art & design.

'Floats' describes a state in which the entire existence turns into anticipation. A cynical look at figures which are moving in a repetitive manner as a sort of pendulum which reflects the passing of time, however they are not advancing anywhere.

Original music composed by Gil Landau


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