Nov 28, 2013

To Do (Mohna) - Max Mörtl (DE, 2012)

Official video for the song "To Do" by Mohna.

Music & Performance: Mohna
Director, DoP & Editing: Max Mörtl
Camera: Max Mörtl, Maxe Probst
Lighting: Maxe Probst
Foley Mixer: Julian Terbuyken
Thanks to Tilman Walther and Clara Hetzel


S SSYP - Robert Löbel, Max Mörtl, David Grüner (DE, 2009)

S SSYP is an experimental stop motion animation, an interaction of sound and flow. Abstract forms become alive and deform themselfs in different ways of movement.

Animation: Robert Loebel, Max Mörtl, David Grüner
Sound: Julian Terbuyken


Nov 19, 2013

Life is Music (Sour) - Masashi Kawamura + Kota Iguchi (JP, 2013)

SOUR's new song 'Life is Music' sings about the circle of life, and how music is its rhythm maker. We took this concept, and came up with an idea to use the spinning CD disc as a Phenakistoscope. We created the entire animated music video using 189 spinning CDs.


Nov 12, 2013

Hasta Santiago - Mauro Carraro (CH/FR, 2013) /// Trailer

The Mapo's journey on the St James Way. On this legendary route he will cross cities and will meet other walkers who do not necessarily carry their backpack.

12 min, 2013, Suisse / France
Un film de Mauro Carraro
Musique originale: Pierre Manchot
Interprétée par le Chœur Voyageur

Making of
film website

Nov 11, 2013

Nov 10, 2013

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Tame Impala) - Becky Sloan, Joseph Pelling (UK, 2013)

Track taken from Tame Impala's New Album 'Lonerism'. Designed and directed by Becky Sloan & Joseph Pelling. Made up from over 1000 separate plasticine collages all individually made by hand.

2D Animation: Joseph Pelling
Plasticine collage animators: Becky Sloan, Azusa Nakagawa,Theo Nunn.
Assisted by: Ben Austin, Ellie Pritchard, Matt King.
Compositing: Joseph Pelling, Theo Nunn.


Nov 6, 2013

38-39° C - Kangmin Kim (KOR/USA, 2011)

38-39˚c gives us the blueprint of a relationship between a father and son inside the dream the protagonist experiences while under the spell of the elevated temperatures of a bathhouse. Thick sheets of paper in exquisite arrangement represent the two men who are linked by their identical birthmarks, yet cannot seem to look at each other.

Making of:

A Gum Boy - Masaki Okuda (JP, 2010)

The primary schoolboy "Kuchao" is hated person in his class.Even if everyone fly balloons, only he doesn't part with his it.after school,He springs out of the school in at full speed with a balloon.When he immediately begins to chew a bubble gum which he hid,he enter the imagination world.When his balloon becomes the face and begins to chew a bubble gum,it changes into various things.His imagination makes rapid progress more and his balloon increase steadily.Then,the bird approaches while flying, and…

Direction, Animation&Editing:Masaki Okuda
Music:Daisuke Matsuoka
Song:Yushiro Kuramochi
Sound Design:Kyohei Takahashi
Production:Tokyo University of the Arts

Not About Us - Michael Frei (CH, 2012)

Ya-Ne-Sen a Go Go - Shishi Yamazaki (JP, 2010)

Me (Shishi Yamazaki) dancing through Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi area in Taito-Ku, Tokyo.

Director & Animation : Shishi Yamazaki
Music:« YOKOMO » by Yamasuki’s Jean Kluger/Daniel Vangarde ©1971 Bleu Blanc Rouge
Special Thanks to Risa Nomura

Yamasuki Yamazaki - Shishi Yamazaki (JP, 2013)

When you're insanely happy, you're so happy to be happy, that you forget what made you happy.

Director: Shishi Yamazaki
Music by Yamasuki's
Yama Yama: Daniel Vangarde
All songs published by Bleu Blanc Rouge

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